The "Gift" Of Friendship, Business and Family As Told By Two Mompreneurs in Cleveland

We are Jennifer and Katie - we make up all that is Give Gifted. We are wives, moms to beautiful girls (Jennifer, 2 + Katie, 3), and creative best friends with a gift giving vision. We know we are not the only ones who play several roles day-to-day, which is why our mission is to make the art of gift giving easier for our clients.  Family comes first in our busy lives + friends are a close second. We are involved at school, with Katie’s non-profit, Forever My Baby You’ll Be + in the community (we live about a mile apart!). We love being able to run our small business, stay home with our kids, a comfy dress with converse kicks, and coffee. (or wine!). For us, The Chaotic Commute rings true to everything we strive to be – good moms, good entrepreneurs, good friends and good support systems for one another. It’s not easy balancing it all, but we love what we do and wouldn’t have it any other way.   

The idea of Give Gifted was born while stuffing gift bags for a Forever My Baby You’ll Be Mother's Day tea at Cornerstone of Hope. After stepping back and seeing the finished product, we realized we wanted to show the love we put into making our gifts to everyone. We soon found out that (yep!) packaging thoughtful curated gifts CAN be a business. A hobby that we did during the Bachelorette with our favorite wine quickly exploded over night into a much-needed business vision. 

We are no experts, and truly are still learning day to day, however we do believe that over the past three years, we’ve acquired some good tips about how to run a small business you love, while still being present in other aspects of your life.  So, what are our inside secrets to running a business you are passionate about with a friend?  Keep reading! 

1) Divide & Conquer

Figure out each other’s strengths (or weaknesses!) as soon as possible to be efficient.  By setting up the main roles of each partner early on, we eliminated a lot of questions of who takes on the big, ongoing tasks that need to be addressed on top of the day-to-day tasks (think taxes, budget, annual goals, inventory, etc).  

We meet at the beginning of the week and split up current pipeline items based on our weekly personal schedules and client timeline.  Each week isn’t necessarily the same + changes based on busy seasons. 

2) Pick a Partner That Complements You

We are a perfect complement to one another. Remember those best friend necklaces? That’s us. Our backgrounds (Katie in Corporate Finance + Jennifer as an Early Childhood Educator) really have shaped us over the past 10 years and helped how we divide & conquer (see #1 above).  Some weeks or months one of us may have to carry a larger burden than normal, but that’s the beauty of running the business with someone- if one of us needs to step away periodically, the show keeps going.  It truly is a blessing!   

3) Don’t Be Afraid to Fail

We are JUST getting to the point in business that we are comfortable saying “no” to jobs and opportunities that don’t fit into our big picture goals. We have tried every opportunity that’s come our way + taken many risks along the way. You never know what’s out there in this world unless you give it your all and try. There were a handful of things we did early on that we cringe about now, but if we wouldn’t have tried them, we wouldn’t know they didn’t work for us.  Our failures have made us better at what we do and truly served a good purpose in building our brand.

4) Find a Tribe of other Small Business Owners

There’s a space + a need for everyone in this world.  We are so lucky to have found many small business owners who we love, trust, + look up to. We’ve found collaboration over competition is an excellent moto. Our close-knit tribe grows each day + we are so grateful for all the amazing ‘friendors’ we’ve made so far.

5) Have Fun

Like, really, have so much fun! Socialize, go to events, network, enjoy each day – AND don’t take yourselves too seriously! We love meeting new clients + having our recurring clients turn into friends. We’ve enjoyed every minute of this venture + can’t wait to see what the future holds for Give Gifted. It’s “OK” to turn off Pinterest, hire someone to clean your home, have Instacart logged in and be present with your loved ones. We are here to help during your busy season and can curate birthday gifts, party favors, Holiday gifts…you name it!