Learn more about this mom-in-planning & the amazing advice she has received from others!

Name: Cynthia Johnson

What type of business do you run? Has this type of work always been your calling?

I run a growth marketing agency in Santa Monica, CA and Las Vegas, NV. Marketing, and specifically growth marketing, has always been of interest to me. It aligns nicely with an entrepreneurial personality. You go in and create a plan to knock the project out of the park and then it can sustain on its own. 

Where did the foundation of your business stem from?

A fundamental belief that employees should be given autonomy, trust, and opportunities within their organizations to prove their worth. We were tired of seeing the people who were actually doing the work being overlooked for the people who were claiming to have done the work. Part of growth marketing is diving in and understanding an organization at its core. This means the people, the culture, the identity, and bringing to light the true structure and workflow within a company. We do this because we can’t build a successful strategy without fixing the foundation first. 

What has been your proudest moment since launching your company/career?

There are so many moments, but I have to say that a big one was our last Christmas party. It was the second Christmas and second Christmas party the company ever had. I looked around and saw all of our team, partners, friends, and the guests that our employees brought. We were two years old, two weeks away from opening our second location in Las Vegas, NV, and it was so surreal. We had made it to the second Christmas, doubled locations, more than doubled our team, and our revenue. I had a flashback to when we were six-months old, only me and my co-founder, and we were being extremely tight with the budget (we are self-funded), so much so, that we shared hotel rooms when we traveled. Then, less than two years later, we are responsible for so many people, their lives, their careers, the marketing success of their companies, etc. There is really no feeling like the one I felt that day last December. 

What is your biggest concern, as an expecting mother, about balancing kids/family, work, and self-care?

I am not a mother yet, but we are planning. My biggest concern is not necessarily work/life balance. Instead, I am more concerned with what the change will do to me and my goals personally, and how I will transition that into a new life as a mom. In my hierarchy of titles, will I be Entrepreneur, author, wife, mother or will that reverse? You really never know until it happens to you. 

Do you believe that you can you have it all?

I believe that you can have it all in moderation. I feel like we are so focused on curating our lives to fit a certain mold that we forget to check in with ourselves about how we feel from time to time. I promise you that you don’t want it all, at least not all of the time. In life, we go through phases and we change. We can have it all, just not all at once. Live in the moment, get what you need, then ask yourself what else you want. Being clear about needs vs. wants, and how those change over time is important. 

Ask yourself, what is “it all” for you? What was it ten years ago? What will it be 10 years from now? I promise it has and it will change. Having it all is really about taking care of yourself, not killing yourself to achieve some life that appears full and feels empty.

What was the best work advice you ever received and from who?

I have two … 

1.    “The more comfortable you are talking about money, the more comfortable everyone else will be.” – my old boss and friend

2.    “The value of anything is what you give it and be careful of selling your time for money. Golden handcuffs will restrain you just as much a silver ones” – my grandfather, Thomas Pacchioli

What was the best parenting advice you ever received and from who?

Again, I am not a parent yet, but my friend Melody is a mother of three, a self-love expert, and an insane entrepreneur. She said “What is amazing is the message you send your children even when you say nothing. Everything you do or don’t do tells them a story and they won’t miss a thing.”