We’re here. We’re real. We’re your new alliance. Be a Chaotic Commuter.


A Brief History

You may know one of us, you may know all of us, or you may not know any of us. Our hope is that you see yourself in our story. We are moms. We are working moms. We are working moms making it work.

Welcome to The Chaotic Commute; a working mom’s guide to careers, kids, & everyday life in between. Our mission is simple: Connect one working mom to another.

Female empowerment has taken over society and, quite frankly, it’s about time. Many articles and media outlets showcase female high-level executives. However, we wear more than just one hat.

Naturally, The Chaotic Commute came to fruition through the ingenuity of four hard-working moms. Together we are aligned, literally. Our company is Produce Alliance. We are a successful produce management company servicing large National brands such as Jamba Juice and Buffalo Wild Wings based locally in Chicago, Illinois.

Let’s face it; the struggle is real. Between creating a work-life balance, being a good wife, mom, friend, sister, daughter, neighbor, etc., it is beyond exhausting. Oh, and did we mention we also try to stay fit, active, healthy, chic, and fashion-forward.

We are constantly asking each other advice, trading tips, crying, laughing, and most of all navigating this working mom world together.

Our #momalliance hopes to join forces with you. As working moms know best, it truly takes a village. So, buckle up and start following us on Instagram @thechaoticcommute and on Facebook The Chaotic Commute. Honk your horn, and don’t be afraid to comment or share your suggestions! We totally get it!